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We envision a future in which delicious, affordable, sustainably-sourced food is the norm and Chinese-American cuisine plays a central role. A future where happy and healthy dinners are enjoying delicious, responsibly sourced Chinese-American food as part of their weekly dining routines.

Our Values

We're firm believers that having a shared set of values serves as an important guiding light. These are the principles that we all share and hold close to our hearts!

a chinese word

Run Up the Escalator

Seize the initiative and
take 2 steps at a time up
that escalator

a chinese word

Plant Seeds

Make decisions like you’ll
live until you’re 200

a chinese word

Have a Laugh

Laugh often with those
around you

a chinese word

Be the Grasshopper

Nurture the mindset of
being a perpetual novice

a chinese word

Serve the Best Food

Always serve food with the best
quality ingredients possible