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In 2017, Brandon, Ben, and Anmao met through mutual friends and connected over two shared passions: the ways in which responsible and sustainable food practices impact our collective health and the Chinese-American dishes they grew up loving to eat. Anmao and Ben had been in Shanghai for over 5 years working on the city's first organic restaurant and grocery chain. Meanwhile, Brandon was carving out his path with Mister Jiu's and the cuisine he was continuing to master as a homage to his grandmother and Chinese-American background. When they all came together, things clicked.

All three believe that the choices we make about the things we eat, where ingredients come from and how dishes are prepared, have a direct and deeply-felt impact on the health of individuals and our communities. 

This is why Mamahuhu is devoted to cooking Chinese-American dishes from scratch with organically grown local produce and transparently raised animals.